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1. London Harley 4379-4380 (33 v) 4-43 [ rs: place ]

¶ Le duc de Bourbon retourna par le Puy en Auvergne en son païz, et alla veoir son grant pere sur son chemin, le conte dauffin d’Auvergne et la

2. Prospography Content: France (place)

Brétigny (1360) the Ile-de-France together with the apanages of Normandy, Anjou, Bourbon, Champagne, Valois, Auvergne and Languedoc

3. Prospography Content: Forez (place)

Forez A principality in the Massif Central, bordering Bourbon, with which it was joined from 1372 onwards. Claude Colombet-Lasseigne, ‘Le rattac

4. Prospography Content: Marie of Avesnes (place)

and, and Philippine of Luxembourg. She married Louis I, count of Clermont, who later became duke of Bourbon, in 1310. Sir Thomas Felton (d. 1381)

5. Prospography Content: Bourbon (place)

Bourbon Principality bordering on the county of La Marche in the west, the county of Auvergne in the south, the county of Foréz in the east and the duchy of Burgundy in the north. For the dukes, see Louis I, first lord of Bourbon 1310-1335, then duke of Bourbon 1335-1342; Pierre I, duke 1342-1356, son of previous duke; Louis II, duke 1356-1410, son of previous duke; Jean I, duke 1410-1434, son of previous duke. René Germain, ‘La marche vers le duché ou la construction de la principauté de Bourbon’, in Le duché de Bourbon des origines au connétable. Actes du colloque des 5 et 6 octobre 2000 (Saint-Pourçais-sur-Sioule: Bleu autour, 2001), pp. .