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1. Paris ms. fr. 2663 (101 r) 1-188 [ name: place ]

estoyent. Et puis nagerent vers La Rochelle, et tant firent que en briefs jours ilz arriverent en Guerrende, et la se mistrent eulz a terre. Si entendirent les nouvelles que messire Robert d’Artois et ses g

2. Prospography Content: France (place)

e, and a much-reduced Aquitaine. Brittany returns to French allegiance from 1365 onwards (Treaty of Guérande). See also kings of France. Atlas historique Duby (Paris: Larousse, 2007

3. Prospography Content: John IV of Montfort, duke of Brittany (d. 1399) (place)

sh cause. He owed his position to the victory won at Auray in 1364, and to the subsequent treaty of Guérande the following year. Battle of Auray

4. Prospography Content: Guérande (place)