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Keyword Searching The Search For field can be used to enter one or more words to search for. By default, the web site will return text containing any of the words included in the field. By using the plus sign (+), you can make the site return only entries where all of the words are present.

croniques livres will return text where either the word 'croniques' or the word 'livres' is present

+croniques +livres will return text where both 'croniques' and 'livres' are present

Phrase Searching Quotes (") can be used to find phrases.

"acteur de ces croniques" will return text in which the phrase 'acteur de ces croniques' occurs.

Proximity Searching A word between double quotation marks (") immediately followed by a tilde (~) can be input to find words situated within a specific distance of one another. A digit after the tilde indicates the desired proximity.

"roy angleterre"~3 will return phrases such as 'roy Richart d’Angleterre' and 'roy Edouard d’Angleterre'.

Wild Cards The asterisk (*) and question mark (?) can be used as wild cards. The asterisk stands for zero or more letters; the question mark stands for exactly one letter. Wild cards cannot be used as the first letter of a word.

croni* will return text which contains 'croniques', 'croniquay' and 'cronicques'.

croni*s will return text which contains 'croniques' and 'cronicques'.

prin?e will return text which contains 'prinse' and 'prince'.

Fuzzy Searching A tilde (~) without quotes will return words which are statistically similar to the specified word, based on the Levenshtein Distance, or Edit Distance algorithm.

croniques~ will return words such as 'concquist' and even 'frontieres'.

An additional, optional number after the tilde can specify the required similarity. The value is between 0 and 1. The higher the value, the higher the required similarity.

croniques~0.8 will eliminate the more outlandish suggestions, but still include words such as 'croniquez'.

Excluding words The subtraction symbol (-) can be used to exclude words from a search.

'croniques -livres' will return entries which contain the word 'croniques' and which do not also contain the word 'livres'.