Online Froissart

Chapter summaries

Based on the SHF milestones, these résumés take you to the start of the relevant section of narrative. They are based wherever possible on the SHF editions’ chapter divisions. If you click on a summary, you will see a list of all of those witnesses containing the material you wish to explore which have been transcribed. If a witness contains a version that is different from the ‘standard’ version, this will be indicated. Likewise, when the transcription currently available is only sampled, or if the text contained in that particular manuscript is incomplete, that information will also be provided.

You can click on a manuscript reference to view that witness’s version of the particular narrative in question, and use ‘Navigate’ to add additional witnesses. Some of the résumés/summaries point to the start of a sequence of chapters (e.g. Battle of Crécy or siege of Cherbourg).

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