Online Froissart


A historical county in the Low Countries. Froissart originated from this historical region that today is divided between the Belgian province of Hainault and the southern part of the French department of the Nord.

For the counts, see John II, count 1280-1304; William I (III in Holland), count 1304-1337, son of previous count; William II (IV in Holland), count 1337-1345, son of previous count; Margaret, countess 1345-1356, sister of previous count; William III, count 1356-1389 (V in Holland, from 1357 suffering from mental illness, from 1358 under the regency of his brother and successor), son of previous countess; Albert of Bavaria, regent 1358-1389, count 1389-1404, brother of the previous count; William of Bavaria, count 1404-1417, son of the previous count. See also barons of Hainault, knights of Hainault.

Bibliographic References:

See article 'Hainaut' by M. de Waha, DMA, pp. 652-3.


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