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Edward of Woodstock, prince of Wales, the Black Prince

Edward of Woodstock (1330 - 1376), prince of Wales from 1343 (aged 12), and from 1362 prince of Aquitaine; popularly known as the Black Prince. He was the eldest son of king Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault. He was knighted by his father on the Crécy campaign, the day after the English army landed at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue. He married Joan of Kent on 10 October 1361. They had two sons, Edward, and Richard. His first son died young, in 1372. The Black Prince himself died on 8 June 1376, in Westminster. When king Edward III died the following year, he was succeded by Richard. The Black Prince was an effective, successful and popular military leader in the campaigns against France during the first part of the Hundred Years' War.

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