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Catherine of Savoy, countess of Namur (d. 1388)

Daughter of Louis of Savoy, lord of Vaud. She was married to Azzo Visconti, lord of Milan, in 1328. After the death of her first husband in 1339, she remarried, in October 1340, to Raoul II of Brienne, count of Guines and Eu, who was suspected of treason and executed on 19 November 1350. In March 1352 she then married for the third time, to William I of Flanders, margrave of Namur, whose second wife she was. Her first two marriages were childless, but from her third husband shad had three children. She died on 18 June 1388.

For her children, see Marie, countess of Blois, William II, count of Namur, John III, count of Namur.

Bibliographic References:

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