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William I of Flanders, count of Namur (d. 1391)

Born in 1324 as the fifth son of John I of Flanders, count of Namur, and Marie of Artois. He married Jeanne of Hainault, widow of Louis I of Châtillon, count of Blois, who died in 1350. In 1352 he married Catherine of Savoy, by whom he had three children. He became margrave, or count, of Namur in 1337. He fought on the French side at the Battle of Crécy. He died on 1 October 1391 and was succeded as count of Namur by his eldest son, William I.

For his children (by his second wife), see Marie, countess of Blois, William II, count of Namur, John III, count of Namur.

Bibliographic References:

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