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Name Index

Entries in this index are the same as those found when you click on a highlighted name in a transcription. They are collected here as an alternative route into the data. Clicking on an entry in the Name Index will, however, immediately display the full record (including any possible cross-references and bibliography) and also allow you to find all textual occurrences linked to that entry in the index.

There are six categories in the index:

  • Persons covers named or identifiable individuals.
  • Places lists historical regions, cities, towns, villages and countries (note that modern geographical names, such as those of French départements, are not indexed).
  • Institutions lists ecclesiastical institutions, orders of chivalry, and offices or titles held by ecclesiastical and secular rulers and their officers.
  • Collectives lists various items such as ‘Flanders, Chartered Towns of’...
  • Events lists battles.
  • Peoples covers inhabitants of countries, regions, cities, towns and villages.
  • All merges all the above categories and displays all available entries alphabetically.

The database is under regular review and is augmented as new transcriptions and other prosopographical and toponymic materials become available.

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Aardenburg, Jacob van
Abreton, Robert
Ackerman, Francis
Agache, Gobin
Aigles, Barthélemy des
Airaines, Lionel d'
Aire, Bishop of
Aire, Jean d’
Albornoz, Alvar Garcia de
Albret, Arnaud Amanieu, lord of
Albret, Bérard III d’, lord of Langoiran
Albret, Bérard d'
Albret, Bernard-Ezi, lord of
Albret, Bertucat d'
Albret, Charles d’
Alençon, Charles III, count of
Alençon, Jean I, count of
Alençon, Pierre II de Valois, count of
Alençon, Robert of, count of La Perche
Alenes, Jean d’
Alexander the Great
Aluder, Guillaume
Amory, John
Ancenis, Guillaume d'
Andeiro, João Fernandes de
Andrach, Andrieu
Anduze, Louis d', lord of La Voulte
Anes, João VII, bishop of Lisbon
Angle, Guichard IV d', earl of Huntingdon
Anglicus, Bartholomaeus
Anglicus, Bartolomaeus
Angoulême, Edward of
Anjou, Clémence d'
Anjou, Louis I, duke of
Anjou, Louis II of
Anjou, Marguerite d'
Anjou, Robert of, king of Naples
Anne, Saint
Annequin, Baudouin d'
Annequin, Esclave d'
Antalya, Lord of
Anthony, Saint
Antin, Bon IV, lord of
Antin, Pierre d’
Antoing, Henry d'
Antoing, Henry of
Antoing, Hugues de Melun, lord of
Antoing, Isabeau d'
Antwerp, Lionel of, duke of Clarence
Apchier, Guérin de Châteauneuf, lord of
Appelton, William
Aprisidy, Yvonnet
Aquitaine, Eleanor of
Aquitaine, Herald
Aragon, Constance of
Aragon, Eleanor of
Aragon, Florence of
Aragon, Isabella of
Aragon, Juana of
Aragon, Juan de
Aragon, King Alfonso IV of
Aragon, King Jaume I of
Aragon, King Juan I of
Aragon, King Martí I of
Aragon, King Pere IV of
Archiprêtre, L’
Archpriest, The
Ardre, André d’
Arkel, John IV, lord of
Arlay, Hugues de Châlon-, lord of Arlay
Armagnac, Béatrice of
Armagnac, Bernard VII of
Armagnac, Bonne of
Armagnac, Géraud V, count of
Armagnac, Géraud VI, count of
Armagnac, Jean I, count of
Armagnac, Jean II, count of
Armagnac, Jean III, count of
Armagnac, Jeanne of
Armuyden, Marguerite d’
Artevelde, Jacob van
Artevelde, Philip van
Arthur, King
Artigat, Castellan of
Artigat, Wife of the castellan of
Artois, Catherine of, countess of Aumale
Artois, Charles d', count of Eu
Artois, Charles of
Artois, Jean of, count of Eu
Artois, Mahaut, countess of
Artois, Margaret of, countess of Évreux
Artois, Marie of, countess of Namur
Artois, Philip of
Artois, Philip of, count of Eu
Artois, Robert I, count of
Artois, Robert II, count of
Artois, Robert III of
Artois, Robert of, count of Eu
Arundel, John
Arzac, Raymond d’
Asse, Robert of, lord of Opdorp
Astarac, Jean II, count of
Astarac, Son of the count of
Atrive, Olivier of
Atrive, Roger of
Auberchicourt, Eustache of
Auberchicourt, Jean d'
Auberchicourt, Nicholas d'
Aubergeon, Guichard
Aubert, David
Aubert, Étienne
Aubiel, Henry de l'
Aubigny, Lord of
Aubigny, Lord of
Audley, Hugh, earl of Gloucester
Audley, Sir James
Audrehem, Arnoul d’
Augustine, Saint (d. 430 A.D.)
Augustus, Philip II ‘, ’
Aunoy, Philippe 'Le Gallois' d’
Austria, Albert III, duke of
Auvergne, Anne of
Auvergne, Béraud I, dauphin of
Auvergne, Béraud III, prince of
Auvergne, Béraud II de Clermont, dauphin d’
Auvergne, Guy of, bishop of Cambrai
Auvergne, Guy of, cardinal
Auvergne, Jean, dauphin of
Auvergne, Jean I, count of
Auvergne, Jean II, count of
Auvergne, Jeanne of, countess of Auvergne and Boulogne, queen of France
Auvergne, Robert VII, count of, and Boulogne
Auvergne, Seneschal of
Auvergne, William XI, count of, and Boulogne
Auxonne, William of, bishop of Cambrai
Auxy, Pierre d’, bishop of Tournai
Averso, Manriquez d'
Avesnes, John II of, count of Hainault and Holland
Avesnes, Marie of
Aviz, Grand Master of the Order of
Avrez, Ange
Ayasuluk, Lord of
Aycelin de Montaigut, Pierre, bishop of Laon
Ayens, Ferrando d’
Ayermin, William
Azevedo, Gonçalo Vasques de
Azevedo, Lopo Diaz d'
Azleguy, Jean