Online Froissart

Name Index

Entries in this index are the same as those found when you click on a highlighted name in a transcription. They are collected here as an alternative route into the data. Clicking on an entry in the Name Index will, however, immediately display the full record (including any possible cross-references and bibliography) and also allow you to find all textual occurrences linked to that entry in the index.

There are six categories in the index:

  • Persons covers named or identifiable individuals.
  • Places lists historical regions, cities, towns, villages and countries (note that modern geographical names, such as those of French départements, are not indexed).
  • Institutions lists ecclesiastical institutions, orders of chivalry, and offices or titles held by ecclesiastical and secular rulers and their officers.
  • Collectives lists various items such as ‘Flanders, Chartered Towns of’...
  • Events lists battles.
  • Peoples covers inhabitants of countries, regions, cities, towns and villages.
  • All merges all the above categories and displays all available entries alphabetically.

The database is under regular review and is augmented as new transcriptions and other prosopographical and toponymic materials become available.