Online Froissart

Manuscript Facsimiles

Facsimiles of the following are available for viewing by kind permission of their holding libraries:-

Click on any of the above to bring up thumbnails of the manuscript folios.

Click on a thumbnail to view a particular folio. For text pages this will normally show the transcription alongside the image if the page has been transcribed.

To view larger images from the facsimiles (without transcriptions), click to Launch Virtual Vellum.

Select a manuscript from the top left-hand pane to load its thumbnails.

You can drag and drop, or click on a thumbnail to open the folio selected.

Use the vertical toolbar to the left to zoom in/out, pan or measure details.

Use the drop-down “Window” menu to select a double-pane view (to compare two images of the same folio, two different folios from the same witness, or two folios from two different witnesses).

“New Window” allows you to open a third viewing pane. You can align the panes vertically or horizontally by using the same drop-down menu.

Colour facsimiles from the following may also be viewed via external websites: