Online Froissart

Collaborators’ Contributions

Peter Ainsworth: general editor, transcriptions, markup, essay, chapter summaries, miniature commentaries, text annotation, name annotation, glossary, exhibitions

Christopher Allmand: essay, name annotation

Bibliothèque nationale de France: digital photography

Lorna Bleach: markup

Keira Borrill: translation into modern English, glossary markup

Vanessa Cardoso: transcriptions

David Cooper: digital photography

Godfried Croenen: general editor, transcriptions, text annotation, name annotation, chapter summaries, codicological descriptions, miniature commentaries, collations, markup, essays

Anne Curry: essay

Colin Dunn: digital photography, guidance on image standards

Caroline Lambert: transcriptions, markup

Simon Littler: transcriptions, markup

Mike Kestemont: transcriptions

Sofie Loomans: transcriptions, markup, essay

Valentina Mazzei: transcriptions, markup, essay

Jamie McLaughlin: technical development

Michael Meredith: technical development

Hartley Miller: transcriptions, markup

Katariina Närä: text annotation, name annotation, essay, transcriptions

Florent Noirfalise: transcription, markup

Michael Pidd: technical development

Christiane Raynaud: essay

Natasha Romanova: transcriptions, markup

Richard and Mary Rouse: transcriptions

Rob Sanderson: transcriptions, markup

Dirk Schoenaers: transcriptions, markup

Gilles Souvay: technical development, including lemmatisation and live link to the DMF

Alexandra Vanguchte: transcriptions

Inès Villela-Petit: essay, miniature commentaries, name annotation

Gem Wheeler: transcriptions