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Ola Nordmann Goes West
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Crossing The North Sea in WebGL

WebGL is a technology which allows 3D environments to be navigated directly within your browser, without needing to download extra software or plugins. We've used this technology to recreate a very small part of Ola's virtual world: The sea journey from Bergen to Hull, on an 1860s Wilson Line steam ship.

WebGL is supported in most modern browsers, including Google's Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. If you're having problems, you can check the compatibility of your browser and find more information here. WebGL is not presently supported in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Once you've explored the WebGL demonstrator, don't forget to visit the complete virtual world to see Ola's home in Voss and continue the journey to Liverpool and ultimately New York.

The Ola Nordmann WebGL demonstrator is available here