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Ola Nordmann Goes West

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Flag of NorwayIn Norway 

Norwegian Emigrant MuseumThe Norwegian Emigrant Museum
The Norwegian Emigrant Museum is not only designed to show present visitors how past generations lived, but also to reveal the workings of a process - emigration, immigration and return migration - a process with historical depth and space, yet with personal impact upon many individual human beings. The museum thus acts as a meeting place between the past and the present, between the "family at home" and the "family out there".

The Western Norway Emigration CentreThe Western Norway Emigration Centre
The Western Norway Emigration Centre is located at Sletta in RadÝy municipality. A small church and several houses have been transported from the USA and reassembled in a rural environment in Western Norway similar to that which many Norwegian emigrants to North America left behind. The Emigration Centre is the result of local volunteer work and collaborative efforts, and the centerís main field has been extended to cover both past and present migration and cultural encounters in a broader sense.

The Norwegian Emigration CentreThe Norwegian Emigration Centre
The Norwegian Emigration Center researches and disseminates Norwegian emigration and immigration history. They are working to improve the knowledge and understanding of the processes related to migration as a phenomenon. The Norwegian Emigration Center are also a national genealogy research center.

The Norwegian-American Collections at the National Library of NorwayThe Norwegian-American Collections at the National Library of Norway
The Norwegian-American Collection at the National Library is the national collection of printed documents on emigration from Norway to the USA and Canada. In 2000, a bilingual website, The Promise of America, which features a representative selection of Norwegian-American materials went live. The Thor M. Andersen bibliography contains some 50,000 references to Norwegian-American life and letters.

Flag of EnglandIn England 

The Liverpool International Nordic Community (LiNC)The Liverpool International Nordic Community (LiNC)
LiNC advances the Christian Religion amongst Scandinavians in Liverpool whether as residents, visitors or seafarers visiting the ports of the River Mersey. This is further extended to include visitors to the North West and North Wales.

Scandinavian Collections at the British LibraryScandinavian Collections at the British Library
One of the largest and richest collections of books published in the Scandinavian countries outside Scandinavia itself. It brings together in one place a range of Scandinavian books that one would otherwise have to visit several countries to find. scandcoll/scandinaviancols.html

The Sheffield Centre for Nordic StudiesThe Sheffield Centre for Nordic Studies
The Centre for Nordic Studies in Sheffield is a group within the The University of Sheffield that aims to develop existing expertise and experience in partnership with Scandinavian and UK organisations to promote the understanding and use of Nordic languages and culture, to encourage research and to support more effective engagement between researchers, teachers and students in the UK and Scandinavia.

The Sheffield Centre for Nineteenth-Century StudiesThe Sheffield Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies
The Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines across the University of Sheffield and aims to promote genuinely interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Their interests extend over the whole breadth of the 'long Nineteenth Century', from c. 1789 to c. 1914, covering British, American and European history, literature and culture.

The Norwegian Embassy in LondonThe Norwegian Embassy in London
The Norwegian Embassy in the United Kingdom is one of Norway's largest foreign missions. The ties between the two countries are strong and solid. The two nations enjoy a long-standing and close relationship in the political, economic and cultural fields. The Embassy works in close contact with British and Norwegian official and private institutions as well as organisations and individuals.