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Ola Nordmann Goes West


We hope that many different people will find something to inspire, inform or entertain them in the world of Ola Nordmann. Whether you are a descendant, a professional historian, a family-history enthusiast or anyone else, this world has been created for you, and it will develop and grow thanks to your contributions, your involvement and your knowledge. Ola Nordmann is not a real person, but the 800,000+ Norwegians who emigrated were flesh and blood and it is those people we celebrate in the world of Ola Nordmann.

You can meet Ola at his home near Voss, Norway and you can travel with him to the coast at Bergen. You can follow him across the North Sea to Hull, England and then on the train to the West coast of England at Liverpool. From there you can spend several weeks in his company crossing the Atlantic to New York. But Ola’s journey is only one of hundreds of thousands, and we want to know about them all, from all over Norway via all sorts of routes. Come and join the conversation.

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