IN ENGLAND (1204 - 1244)

Shields of numerous deceased knights (1242). MS 16, f.155v[156vr].
                    Reproduced by permission of the Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. People and places in the "Lands of the Normans" project database can be browsed or searched via the links below. The database contains details of over 2,000 individual documents collected from over 100 historical sources. Nearly 3,000 different people and places appear in the database, and there are over 13,500 links describing the relationships between these people and places. The links between people and places and other objects can be explored from individual people or places.

Since the database arose from a pilot study, the data contained within it is not a comprehensive record. It contains only a sample of the available evidence for the people, places, relationships and events recorded in the thirteenth-century sources.

Search tip: religious houses and similar landowning institutions should be searched under 'people'. Further information on searching can be found in the "Searching the Database" section of the Technical Background.

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