London, British Library, Lansdowne 348

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Repository: British Library
Idno:Lansdowne 348
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvin
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal dialect: Staffordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 404 318, LP 238 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 237).
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An early fifteenth-century copy of the Prick of Conscience (Lewis and McIntosh 1982, p. 68).

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:170-75 x 110-15 mm
Collation: 18, ff. 2r-9v, catchword; 28, ff. 10r-17v, catchword; 38, ff. 18r-25v; 48, ff. 26r-33v, catchword; 58, ff. 34r-41v, catchword; 68, ff. 42r-49v, catchword; 78, ff. 50r-57v, catchword; 88, ff. 58r-65v, catchword; 98, ff. 66r-73v, catchword; 108, ff. 74r-81v, catchword; 118, ff. 82r-89v, catchword; 128, ff. 90r-97v, catchword; 138, ff. 98r-106v, catchword; 148, ff. 107r-114v, catchword; 158, ff. 115r-122v, catchword; 168, ff. 123r-127v, the remainder of this quire has been cut away.
Layout:Pricking not visible. Writing space of 125 x 75 mm. Single columns with 27-34 lines. Frame ruled in drypoint, no ruling visible for lines.
Writing: One scribe writing in an Anglicana Formata script in black ink. Characteristics: small, tidy hand; double compartment a with pointed head; squat ž; hooked ascender on b, h, and l; double compartment g.
Decoration: In red: couplets with red brackets; red Latin titles and explicits; first letter of each line coloured red. Initial page, ten-line blue initial I with fine red penwork extending along left and top and bottom margin forming a border. Four-line blue initials with red penwork. Two-line blue initials with red penwork extending length of left margin, eg. ff. 21v, 43v. Later drawing - f. 111r - sketch - curling pattern with four masks at base.
Binding: Not medieval. Size: 180 x 115 mm. Covered in burgundy leather mitred and pasted onto pasteboard. Sewing unascertainable. Five raised bands across the spine.
Foliation:ff. i + 126 with folio i foliated as 1.
Additions:Verso of first flyleaf - scribbled charms from Albertus Magnus. Verso of beginning flyleaf, f. iv, (probably not part of the original manuscript), 'Heare begynneth ye [...] booke of cresyse'.
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Provenance: - Sixteenth century: F. i verso - 'Jhon boyce'. F. 21r 'John b'. Nineteenth century?: Owned by Sir Henry Spelman - name written on back of first leaf.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003.
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Related Manuscripts and other documents Textual According to Lewis and McIntosh this manuscript is closely related to: London, British Library, MS Harley 1205; London, British Library, MS Additional 22283; Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 41; Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet. a. 1; Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawl. C. 319, and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawl. poet. 139 (1982, p. 69). They state that it is also related to the Lichfield subgroup comprised of: Holkham Hall, Wells, Norfolk, Library of the Earl of Leicester, MS 668; London, College of Arms, MS LVII; Manchester, John Rylands University Library, MS English 50; New Haven, Yale University Library, MS Osborn a 13; Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 156; Oxford, Trinity College, MS 16A; Oxford, Trinity College, MS 16B whose ultimate exemplar may have been London, British Library, MS Harley 1205 (Lewis and McIntosh 1982, p. 69).
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