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Repository: British Library
Idno:Harley 210
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Date and Language
Date:?s. xv
Language: English
Dialect:Scribe of ff. 86v-88r The Seven Joys of Our Lady - Scribal Dialect: Staffordshire, McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin state language of 'N Salop or N Staffs' (1986, p. 239). Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: not mapped.
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Heavily illuminated manuscript containing prayers in Latin and English as well as a hymn, psalm and litany.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:190 x 125 mm
Collation: Catchwords: ff. 16v; 24v; 30v; 38v; 54v; 62v; 69v; 78v.
Layout:Pricking, where visible, round holes. Writing space of 80 x 115 mm. Single columns with 20 lines. Frame and lines ruled in drypoint.
Writing: One main scribe writing in a professional, Textura Quadrata script. Body height: 3mm. Item 11 - perhaps a different scribe writing in a larger Textura Quadrata.
Decoration: Initial page: four-sided border with historiated initial D depicting the Virgin with child Christ. Virgin in blue with a red throne on a gold filigree ground. Bar-frame border with burgundy and blue vine and a gold bar. Interlace at the corner with a cluster of leaves at mid-points, spray from mid-point right margin cluster with spraywork of fine black feathering with pairs of leaves and gold (oxidised) balls with pen squiggles, not tinted. Other pages - two-line gold initial with blue ground and burgundy infill with sprays of black feathering, gold balls and pairs of leaves tipped by a single leaf. One-line gold initial and one-line blue initials boxed in with red penwork within the text. F. 14r: four-sided bar-frame border as before with historiated blue and burgundy initial D of 'Deus' in lower left corner with gold filigree infill. Depiction of tonsured monk in orange cloak with blue collar and white robe holding a stand for a book in one hand and placing his other hand on the book. F. 16v: Burgundy and blue historiated initial D with gold filigree infill depicting a tonsured monk in white robe and blue cloak holding an orange book with a stand on the right hand side. Bar-band extension along the left margin with straight spray work along the top and bottom margin forming a three-sided border. Lower spray is shorter than the top. The spraywork is constructed of black feathering with pairs of gold balls (most of gold appears to have fallen off) with black pen squiggles. There are clusters of leaves at the corners with a cluster next to the initial D. F. 18r: historiated initial D with tonsured monk in blue cloak, white robe, and orange collar, facing a stand with a book on it and hands in prayer. Decoration as above. F. 19v: historiated initial D with tonsured monk in white robe, brown cloak, and orange collar facing a table (body in profile to the right as it is in above initial), book on a table with an orange table cloth. Cluster of leaves at left side of D gives way to an elongated pointy leaf which then gives way to a short spray of black feathering with pairs of leaves and gold balls. F. 21r: Historiated initial D in burgundy and blue with black? ground and gold filigree. Figure of a bishop in burgundy cloak with blue collar, white robe, and gold hat holding a staff and two fingers out in benediction. F. 22v: Six-line historiated initial with same figure as above. Bar/vine extends along left margin with cluster of leaves at bottom and elongated leaf giving way to spray of black feathering with pairs of gold balls with black pen squiggles and pairs of leaves. F. 25r: miniature of two men putting up/carrying cross, men naked apart from white loin cloth. In background are other men helping. These men are clothed in black pointed shoes two with orange tunics and green headgear whilst the others have green tunics and orange headgear. All have one leg orange and one leg green. Brownish ground with gold filigree. Bar-and-band extension along left margin terminates in a cluster of leaves giving way to an elongated leaf which then gives way to pairs of gold balls with black pen squiggles and pairs of blue/burgundy leaves. F. 25v: miniature - Christ on cross being raised by three men, one hammering nails into Christ's hands, one pulling on his robe, and one hammering nails into his feet. The cross stands at a 45 degree angle across the picture but is contained within the margins of the frame. Background is green. Bar-and-band extension along left margin with clusters of leaves giving way to a spray of black feathering as before. There are two sprays of black feathering on bar/band on left margin. F. 26r: miniature - Christ in tomb (picture faded) with his body being prepared by two figures with another two looking on. Christ's body is naked and his wounds are visible. Two-sided bar-frame border as before. F. 26v - ten-line miniature of Christ on back of man with staff in water, orange robe with blue cloak. Child on his shoulder both with nimbus and child carrying a parcel? Child holding up two fingers in blessing. Water at bottom of miniature, rest of background orange/brown with gold filigree. Bar-and-band extension along left margins with usual motifs, sprays from clusters at corners going along top and bottom margin, top margin straight, bottom margin shorter and curled. Item 1: f. 27v - historiated initial O with picture of the Virgin? in blue cloak and orange robe with arms crossed across chest and nimbus. Blue and burgundy initials with dark red infill and gold filigree. Bar-and-band extension in left margin and along bottom margin with clusters of leaves at corners and mid-point on left margin, also at end of bottom border. Elongated leaves from clusters give way to sprays of black feathering with pairs of gold balls with black pen squiggles and pairs of leaves. F. 29v - miniature - Christ? in orange robe holding book in one hand and gesturing to woman in other. Woman on right side - Mary - in blue robe holding book, both with nimbus. Floor with diamond pattern and wall/background in burgundy with squares of gold filigree. Bar-and-band extension along left margin with usual motifs and spray extending along top and bottom margin. F. 31r - seven-line miniature - man with sword, blue cloak, orange robe holding book with clasp, bearded but bald with nimbus. Green floor with diamond pattern, background in burgundy with gold filigree diamonds. Bar/band along left margin clusters at corner with sprays at top and bottom, top straight, bottom curled. F. 36v - five-line historiated initial D with picture of cross with crown of thorns on top and nails embedded in place where Christ would be. In background tools, spear, hammer, pincers, scourge. Serifs of D give way to clusters of leaves which give way to sprays of curled black feathering with pairs of gold balls with black pen squiggles and pairs of leaves. Only in left margin. F. 43v - Seven-line miniature with Virgin sitting on Christ's tomb holding the dead Christ (pieta). Virgin in blue hooded cloak with orange robe. Christ naked, arms crossed over front and crown of thorns on head. Background brown with squares of gold filigree. Bar-and-band on left and top margin. Mid-point left margin, extended spray of black feathering with pairs of gold balls with black pen squiggles and pairs of leaves. Clusters at top and bottom. Bottom giving way to spray as usual and curled. Top margin ends in cluster with short spray. F. 47r - four-sided bar-frame border with interlace at bottom corner. Historiated six-line initial D at top left and cluster of leaves at top right - gives way to long feathering as usual but goes down right margin. Leaves decorated with white dots and white circles. King with harp seated on a tomb? bearded with gold crown blue cloak with orange robe, gold harp, white hair. F. 59v - six-line historiated initial D four bar-frame border. Usual motifs. Picturing two monks in white robes with blue collar sitting at a table with an orange cloth holding/reading from a book. Another figure in blue robe sits to their left. F. 77r - four-sided bar frame border with historiated initial B at bottom left. Three men in a cauldron with fire beneath and hand coming from right hand corner - usual motifs - cluster of leaves at corners. Occasional one-line gold initials with violet penwork.
Binding: Not medieval. Size: 195 x 130 mm. Cover of dark blue leather on pasteboard with marbled papers on pastedown and 2 paper flyleaves at front and 2 at back.
Foliation:2 (paper) 88 + i + 2(paper).
Condition:Very good. Parchment leaf, f. 46, torn and sewn back.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, June 2004.
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