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Repository: British Library
Idno:Additional 46919
AltName:Herebert Collection/Phillips 8336
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Date and Language
Date:s. xiv1
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal dialect: Herefordshire (only ff. 203-211 analysed). Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 353 245, LP 7410 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 199).
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A collection of treatises, poems, and sermons in Anglo-Norman, Latin and English copied by William Herebert in c. 1300-1333.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:230 x 170mm
Collation: 114 (1 and 14 are added leaves), ff. 1r-13v; 212, ff. 14r-25v; 312, ff. 26r-37v; 412, ff. 38r-49v; 512, ff. 50r-61v; 612, ff. 62r-73v; 712, ff. 74r-85v; 812 (wants 11, 12), ff. 86r-95v; 912 (wants 12), ff. 96r-106v; 1014 (wants 14), ff. 107r-119v; 1110, ff. 120r-129v; 1210, ff. 130r-139v; 1312 (wants 4), ff. 140r-151v; 144 (wants iv), ff. 152r-154v; 158 (wants 5-8), ff. 155r-158r; 1610, ff. 159r-168v; 1712, ff. 169r-180v; 184, ff. 181r-184v; 198 (wants 5-8), ff. 185r-188v; 2016, ff. 189r-204v; 214, ff. 205r-208v; 224 (wants 4), ff. 209r-211v. Catchwords: ff. 13v, 25v, 129v, 151v, three added by Herebert on ff. 49v, 61v, 73v.
Layout:Pricking where seen, small horizontal slits or triangular holes. Writing space: single - c. 180 x 125 mm; double - each column c. 60 x 55 mm. Single and double columns with c. 39 lines for double columns and c. 35 lines for single columns.
Writing: Written by William Herebert and several other fourteenth-century hands. Ink was black now faded to brown. Herebert wrote ff. 2r-16r, 87r-95v, 104v -106v, 154r, 157r-162v, 164v-179v, 181r-185v, 203v-211v and marginal annotations. Characteristics: script with a rounded aspect; forked ascenders on h, l, and b; flat-topped t; dotted y; squat þ; 2-shaped r in medial position; double compartment a with rounded lobes; long s in initial and medial position; double compartment g but lobes not angular; B-shaped w with first stroke detached and curves of B ending beneath the second stroke; descender of y curves to the left and ends in a slight hook to the right; minimal hairlines/serifs. Body height: 3 mm.
Decoration: Sparse decoration. Ff. 38r-87r - intermittent use of red for first letter of each line, initials tinted within texts, one-line red paraphs. Ff. 107r-119r (one quire) four-line red initials and first letter of each line tinted red. Ff. 205r-208v underlining and initial letter of each line tinted red.
Binding: Not medieval, twentieth century. Size: 245 x 205 mm. Covered in brown leather. Four raised bands across the spine.
Foliation:ff. ii + 211 (ff. 37, 180 blank).
Additions:F. iv: Notes by Sir Thomas Phillips on ff. i verso-ii recto relate to Sir Henry Dryden's offer 'to print Wm Twici on Hunting at his expense' and the names of recipients of copies of this Middle Hill edition. Other notes on f. iv, presumably by a member of the Fermor family, are taken from Warton's account of the manuscript (The History of English Poetry, 1778, ii, p. 221); brief reference to Tanner's Bibliotheca, 1748, added by Heber. F. 107r 'Kaunt ie pens de ihesu crist la pensee mun quer enducist priez pur le alme frere ion de kyngtone pur li duz ihesu crist'.
Condition:Quires remounted. A number of leaves are missing.
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Origin:Compiled by the Franciscan (d. 1333?), of the Franciscan Order at Hereford (see Emden 1958).
Provenance: Seventeenth century: Described by Bernard (1697, vol. 2, no. 9159) as part of the collection of , co. Oxon. His ancestor, William Fermor (d. 1552) was Royal Commissioner for Oxfordshire in 1535. For the Fermor family see Blomfield 1887, pp. 64-78; History of Middleton and Somerton, pp. 102-124. The former (?eighteenth cent.) binding of the manuscript contained a bookplate of William Fermor of Tusmore (d. 1828) with the date '23.6.1816'. Subsequently owned by (Bibliotheca Heberiana, 10-20 Feb. 1836, lot 1470), and , who acquired it through Payne and Foss (and numbered it Phillipps MS 8336 (Munby 1954, p. 78).
Acquisition:Acquired from Messrs. William H. Robinson, Ltd, in 1950.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003.
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