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Repository: Leeds University Library
Idno:Brotherton 500
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Date and Language
Date:s. xiv/xv
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect (main scribe, ff. 1-147v): Worcestershire, Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 370 266, LP 7660 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 249). Lewis and McIntosh state 'North west Worcestershire' (1982, p. 56).
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A late fourteenth/early fifteenth-century copy of the Prick of Conscience (Lewis and McIntosh 1982, p. 55 although Humphreys and Lightbrown believe the manuscript to be from the early fifteenth century, 1952, p. 30). The Prick is the only item except for some Latin additions on various theological topics on ff. 44-44v and 147v.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:205 x 125 mm
Collation: 18; 26 + 1 leaf after 3 (f. 12) and 1 leaf after 6 (f. 16); 3-48; 58 + 1 leaf after 3 (f. 36); 64 wants 4, perhaps blank, after f. 44; 7-98; 106 + 1 leaf after 4 (f. 72); 11-168; 1710; 186 + 2 leaves after 3 (ff. 137-8); 196.
Layout:Single columns with 27-35 lines. Frame ruled in pencil.
Writing: Prick of Conscience written by one scribe in a large current Anglicana hand. Changes of ink on ff. 116, 124. Characteristics: B-shaped w; yogh; long s in initial and medial position; flat topped t; reversed circular e in final position; single compartment a with pointed head; v-shaped r in medial position; 2-shaped r in final position; d with looped ascender; 8-shaped/double compartment g; Body height: 3-4mm.
Decoration:Three-line red initial on f. 1, two-line red initials on f. 1r and 1v. Some other two-line initials later in text. Some spaces left blank.
Binding: Not medieval. Tan Hermitage calf. 210 x 125 mm. 'The Pricke of Conscience' on spine in gold. Bound in 1954 by Douglas Cockerell and Son. Note on back pastedown by binder 'Condition when received: Binding 19th century vellum case: case very stiff and free from MS: glazed marbled paper ends: cloth joints: nine paper leaves at beginning (seven with notes on) stuck in with cloth guards: vellum leaves dirty and water stained: cockled and cut down: pink edges: stuck on headbands.// Book taken down: repaired where necessary: new handmade paper ends: linen joints: resewn on three tapes: silk headbands: split boards: covered with Hermitage calf: gold lettering.// D.C. & Son/ April, 1954'. A previous binding was made in 1896.
Foliation:ff. xii (foliated after two unnumbered leaves i-x) + 147 + ii. Manuscript was earlier paginated - black ink in top right-hand corner. New foliation is in middle of page at bottom and in pencil.
Additions:See item 2.
Condition:Good but some folios are faded due to water damage.
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Provenance:Owned in the nineteenth century by , whose notes are on ff. iv and viv and by his grandson, Frederick A. Harrison (his notes appear on f. vii with the date 1898. Part of Sir L. Harmsworth's sale at Sotheby's, 15th October 1945, lot 2086 (£125). Bought from Maggs Bros. in 1950.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, June 2004.
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