San Marino, CA., Huntington Library, HM 266

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Country:United States
Settlement:San Marino, CA.
Repository: Huntington Library
Idno:HM 266
AltName:Phillipps 2180
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvmed
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect: Warwickshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 428 257, LP 4683 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 244).
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A mid-fifteenth-century manuscript (Dutschke 1989, p. 229) of Walter Hilton's Scale of Perfection. The manuscript is now misbound.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:219 x 150 mm
Collation: '1-2 missing, 38 (of which only 3 and 6, conjunct, remain as ff. 13-14), quire 4 missing, 58 (a single leaf remains, probably in position 2 or 3, now as f. 5), 68 (the first leaf, + a leaf in the fourth position, now f.1; the leaves are ff. 4, 2, 1, 16-20; none of them now conjunct), 78 (ff. 21-28), 88 (ff. 29-36), quire 9 missing (probably this or the next quire originally of 4 leaves given the amount of text missing), 108 (only 7 and 8 remain as ff. 43-44), 118 (ff. 45-52), 128 (ff. 53-60), 138 (ff. 61-68), 148 (ff. 69-76), 158 (ff. 77-84), 168 (ff. 37, 38, 41, 7, 8, 42, 39, 40, of which 41 and 42 are now singletons), 21 missing (probably only a bifolium, necessary to complete the text); the volume when complete, thus presumably contained 159 leaves' (Dutschke 1989, p. 230).
Layout:Single columns ruled for c. 29 lines.
Writing: One scribe writing in an Anglicana hand with Secretary features. Characteristics: B-shaped w; y with hooked ascender to the right; 8-shaped s in final position; single compartment a with pointed head/some diamond shaped; ž; looped d; 2 shaped r in final position.
Decoration:Two/three-line red initials. One-line red initials within text. Red paraphs.
Binding: Eighteenth century. Parchment binding over pasteboard (See Dutschke 1989, p. 230).
Foliation:ff. iv + 84 + iv. The flyleaves consist of iii modern paper + i parchment (from an earlier binding) at the front and i parchment + iii modern paper at the back.
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Provenance:Dutschke suggests that this manuscript was written by the scribe of Cambridge, St. John's College, MS E.22, John Clerk (d. 1472), monk of Hinton Charterhouse (Dutschke 1989, p. 230).
Acquisition:Acquired by Henry E. Huntington in 1923 (Dutschke 1989, p. 230).
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003. Consulted on microfilm and described with reference to Dutschke 1989. Owing to the Huntington Library's stipulations on the web publication of images, it has unfortunately not been possible to include images of this manuscript in the Catalogue.
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Related Manuscripts and other documents Scribal Perhaps the same scribe-compiler as that of Cambridge, St. John's College MS E.22 (Dutschke 1989, p. 230).
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