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Repository: University Library
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Date and Language
Date:s. xiv2
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect: Gloucestershire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 383 193, LP 7000 (McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin 1986, p. 196).
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A composite manuscript. Part 1, a sixteenth-century manuscript, contains various texts such as The Child and his Stepmother, Robin Hood and the Potter, The King and the Barker with Part 2 containing the southern recension of the Prick of Conscience from the second half of the fourteenth century (Lewis and McIntosh 1982, p. 133). Only Part 2 is considered here.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:265 x 160 mm
Collation: 112; 212 (wants 12), 312 (wants 1, 9); 412 (wants 5-8), 5-812. Catchwords: ff. 12v; 36v; 48v; 60v; 72v, 84v; 96v.
Layout:Pricking visible to trace the writing frame. Writing space: 216 x 125 mm. Single columns with 34-47 lines (the number of lines increasing as the text progresses). Frame ruled in brown crayon - barely visible, lines not visible.
Writing: One scribe writing in black ink (now faded) in an Anglicana Formata hand. Characteristics: B-shaped w; double compartment a; long s in medial position; hooked ascender on l, h; 8-shaped g; 2-shaped r in final position; 8-shaped s in final position; v-shaped r in medial position; looped ascender on d. Body height: 3mm.
Decoration: Whole of f. 1r, table of contents in double columns, is in red apart from two-line initials in blue. Initial page of text - f. 1v: eight-line ž of 'že' and two-line B of 'Bifore' in red. Titles in red with first letter a blue Lombard. Some passages in red. Eight/ten-line red thorn throughout. First letter of each line tinted red (now a faded yellow/brown). This decoration was drawn in as a line down the column of first letters.
Binding: Not medieval. Size: 280 x 180 mm. Spine covered with brown morocco. Marbled paper inside covers over board. No visible bands across the spine.
Foliation:ff. 89 (ff. 24-25, 33, 41-44 lost).
Condition:Good, apart from loss of leaves.
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Provenance:On the inside cover there is a printed image, ex libris? frontispiece? It has written on it 'Mvnificentia Regia 1715. Georgivs D. G. Mag. Fr. et Hib. Rex F. D.' Possibly a reference to the collection which was given to the library by the king?
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham and Orietta DaRold, University of Birmingham, June 2004.
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