Southwell, Southwell Minster, VII

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Repository: Southwell Minster
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvex
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect: south Shropshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 350 284, LP 80 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin, 1986, vol. 1, pp. 164-165).
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A manuscript containing John Mirk's Festial and saints' lives produced in the late fifteenth century (Ker 1992, p. 351). Wakelin suggests 'just after 1500' (1967, p. 110).

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Physical Description
Support: Paper
Extent:284 x 204 mm
Collation: 1-912; 1012 (wants 11, 12); 1112; 12-1310; 1412; 1512; 168; 178; 1812. Although each leaf is now mounted separately this collation has been suggested by Nevanlinna and Taavitsainen 1993, p. 53 (See also Ker and Piper 1992, p. 352).
Layout:Writing space of c. 200 x 120 mm in single columns with 32-37 lines. Frame ruled in hard point.
Writing: For an extensive description of the script see Nevanlinna and Taavitsainen (1993, pp. 54-57) where it is described as 'essentially Secretary but mixed with some Anglicana features' with Latin quotations in Textura. See also Ker and Piper (1992, p. 352 and facsimile, f. 181r) and Dahood (2000, p. 143, facsimile, f. 3r).
Decoration:Latin quotations in red; red initials.
Binding: Medieval binding in red leather over wooden boards, rebacked in 1950. Boards are bare but part of the original leather is preserved loose. Evidence of one clasp. Parchment binding leaves from thirteenth-century service books (Ker 1992, p. 351).
Foliation:ff. vi + 202 + iv.
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Provenance:F. 202v, written in the same sixteenth-century hand: 'Iste liber pertinet Ad fratrem Rycardum [...]', 'Nota quod gray pertinet libro ho...(?)'. F. 202v, names written in sixteenth/seventeenth-century hands: 'Geo: Saunderson', 'R. Saunderson', 'Jo: Bolle', 'Thomas Nydhame', 'Andrew Prouloue Booke'; 'John Charlement'. F. 203v: 'Hen. Raper [...] 1693/4', f. iiiv, 'H. Raper D. D.', f. 1; Henry Raper was admitted at Southwell in 1694 as a vicar-choral, see Southwell Act Book 11a f. 163v (Ker 1992, p. 352).
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003. Manuscript not examined. Described with reference to Ker 1992, pp. 351-352, and Nevanlinna and Taavitsainen 1993.
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