Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. C. 81

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Repository: Bodleian Library
Idno:Rawl. C. 81
AltName:SC 11946
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Date and Language
Date:s. xv
Language: English
Dialect:Two alternating hands in similar language (Scribe 2, ff. 9r-11v; 19r-v). Scribal Dialect: Worcestershire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 395 245, LP 7841 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, vol. 1, p. 151).
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A medical book that appears to have had a useful life until the eighteenth century. The manuscript carries internal evidence for early ownership at Pershore Abbey and later seventeenth-century ownership by a woman actively using the book for medical purposes.

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Physical Description
Support: Paper
Extent:210 x 140 mm
Collation:15, ff. 1r-5v, 1 possibly a singleton; 212, ff. 6r-16v, wants 12, signatures i-vi; 312 wants all - torn with stubs - 12 left blank, f. 17r; 412, wants 12, ff. 18r-28v; 510, ff. 29r-38v, catchwords; 610, ff. 39r-48v; 712, ff. 49r-60v.
Layout:Pricking: at the four edges of the writing frame. Writing space: variable. Columns: mostly single apart from some lists which are double. Lines: c. 30. Ruling: writing frame in dry point.
Writing: Scribe 1, the major hand, writing in a small and compact Secretary script occasionally influenced by Anglicana. Characteristics: long s in initial position; sigma s in final position; single, occasionally double compartment, a; dotted y; open B-shaped w; almost flat topped t; 2-shaped r in medial position; ž. Body height 1.5-2 mm; Scribe 2 (ff. 8v-11v; 19r-v) - very similar characteristics to Scribe 1, but with a more rounded aspect and thicker backstrokes. Body height: 2-2.5 mm.
Binding: Not medieval. Size: 215 x 150 mm. White parchment over pasteboard. Inner pastedown paper with bookplate of Rawlinson. On facing flyleaf another bookplate of Rawlinson with 'Sigillum Univ. Oxon./ Diplomati RIC: RAWLINSON/ pro gradu/ Doctoris Legum/ Appensum' and drawing of a monk holding a book seated in a church and flanked by clerics/monks at sides and bottom. On edges of oval 'SIGLL . CANCELLARII ET VNIUERSITATIS OXONIENS'.
Foliation:ff. 5 (the last 2 are parchment) + 105 + 2 paper
Additions:Flyleaves have been extensively written in. Initial 2 paper flyleaves are ruled across in red ink, second of the front parchment flyleaves has been written on in a sixteenth-century hand.
Condition:Good. Wormholes in first 2 parchment flyleaves.
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Provenance:On the verso of the first parchment flyleaf: 'De Pershore', possibly in an early fifteenth-century hand. Afterwards in a later hand, 'Hic liber fuit quondam R. R. de T.'. On f. 62r is a seventeenth-century inscription: ' hir booke of resaytte for salfes and medessens; Septemner ... 23: 1629'.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003 and Orietta DaRold, June 2005.
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