Oxford, Bodleian, Lyell 30

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Repository: Bodleian
Idno:Lyell 30
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvmed
Language: English
Dialect:Scribal Dialect: Staffordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 392 289, LP 4286 (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 238).
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A private collection of prayers and devotions in Latin and English copied by [J.] Graseley and completed by him in 1441. This is a mainly Latin collection and only the English texts have been listed here. For a full list of contents see de la Mare 1971, pp. 61-74, 364-400.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:150 x 85 mm
Collation:16 (includes ff. viii-ix), 2-616, 712, 816, 96(3 and 5 canc.), 10-1216, 1314, 1416, 158, 1612 (+ 2 leaves inserted after 9), 17-1916, 2012, 2116(5-6 canc., + 1 flyleaf) added at end. Quire signatures and catchwords.
Layout:Pricking: not visible. Writing space: 77 x 45 mm; top margin 20 mm; bottom margin 50 mm; right margin 30 mm; left margin 10 mm. Single columns with 20 lines. Ruling: drypoint - barely visible.
Writing: One scribe, [J.] Graseley, writing in an Anglicana script with Secretary features. Characteristics: double compartment a; hooked ascenders on h, and l; long s in medial position; Body height: 1 mm (see de la Mare, Plate IVa (ff. 299v-300); Watson 1984. Plate 400 (f. 202).
Decoration: In red: initials, headings, rubrics, some catchwords, some tinted letters, initials in text.
Binding:Early eighteenth century. Size 150 x 90 mm. Cover of sprinkled calf with a space between the blind panels reserved.
Foliation:ff. ix + 315 (f. 219 is double; f. i-ix, 301-314 are flyleaves). The first three flyleaves are paper, ff. iv-ix are parchment and ff. 302-313 are paper. Ff. vii-viii contain texts by the same scribe that have been crossed out.
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Provenance:On f. ix verso is the partly erased note: 'Graunte(?)' (sixteenth-century hand?). F. 215v - at the end of the folio the scribe left a gap of 3 lines, and then wrote 'Deo gracias. quod G'. F. 258r - after one line left blank is written, 'Deo gracias. Quod Graseley'. F. 285v - at end of prayers - 'Amen. quod G.' After this a line is left blank, then follows an English text, after which is 'Quod. I. G. V. O. S. E. H.' F. 300r - after a space of two lines is written 'Deo gracias quod Graseley. Completus fuit iste liber Ao. Domini Millesimo. ccccmo. xljo'. From this evidence it is apparent that the initial owner and scribe was one John Graseley. Later in the library of the Mercer Henderson family at Fordell House, Inverkeithing, co. Fife; inherited by the 8th Earl of Buckinghamshire and sold by him at Hodgson's, 30th March 1944, lot 233. Bought by Lyell from Maggs Bros. in April 1944.
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, 2005.
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Related Manuscripts Textual London, British Library, MS Additional 37787 shares a good number of the Latin texts many of which are copied in the same order.
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