Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 706

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Repository: Bodleian Library
Idno:Laud Misc. 706
AltName:SC 809
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Date and Language
Date:s. xvin
Language: English
Dialect:Scribe of ff. 98v-109 - Scribal Dialect: Leicestershire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: 437 319, LP 44. Scribe of ff. 144r-v, 156r-163v - Scribal Dialect: Staffordshire. Linguistic Atlas Grid Reference: not mapped (McIntosh, Samuels and Benskin 1986, p. 239).
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Thirty-four Latin or macaronic sermons but with four predominantly in English. Some of the Latin texts are attributed to the Gloucestershire monk John Paunteley (ordained deacon and priest in 1392). Only the English texts are listed here. The manuscript is dated to c. 1412.

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Physical Description
Support: Parchment
Extent:228 x 152 mm
Collation: 16, ff. 1r-12v; 26, ff. 13r-24v, catchword; 36, ff. 25r-36v, catchword; 46, ff. 37r-48v, catchword; 56, ff. 49r-60v, catchword; 66 + 1 singleton, ff. 61r-71v; 76, ff. 72r-83v, catchword; 86, ff. 84r-95v, catchword; 96, ff. 96r-107v, catchword; 105 + 1 singleton, ff. 108r-118v; 116, ff. 119r-130v; 125, ff. 131r-140v; 136, ff. 141r-152v, catchword; 146, ff. 153r-163v; 156, ff. 164r-171v; 166, ff. 172r-181v.
Layout: Writing space varies between c. 160 x 100-110 mm. Single columns with 33 lines ruled in pencil.
Writing: Several different hands writing in small and compact Secretary scripts influenced by Anglicana.
Decoration:Capitals in blue with red penwork. Some eleborate ascenders in brown ink (e.g. ff. 135-136).
Binding: Medieval binding. Size: 230 x 150 mm. Cover of white leather dyed red now rubbed/faded and damaged showing the boards beneath. Boards of oak with a 15 mm bevelled edge. The binding is sewn with six raised double thongs and with the cover being square cut rather than mitred. Evidence of a clasp and remains of a leather strap on front. On the back cover is a square boss, perhaps of brass, which might not be original.
Foliation:ff. ii + 181 + i
Condition:Good. Some holes in the parchment ff. 92, 102.
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Provenance:Possible marks of ownership on ff. 13r and 181v where the name John Paunteley along with the date 1412 is written. However, this could just be an attribution of the texts. John Paunteley was a monk of Gloucester, ordained deacon and priest in 1392 (Ogilvie-Thomson 2000, p. 92).
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Record History
Catalogued and encoded: Rebecca Farnham, University of Birmingham, August 2003 with additional work by Orietta DaRold, University of Birmingham, June 2005.
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