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Franz Felix Anton von Mölk
Born: 1714   Died: 20/01/1776
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Noble family friendly with the Mozarts. Franz Felix Anton Mölk (Buxheim, 14 November 17174-Regensburg, 20 January 1776) held posts with the Swabian and imperial Viennese governments before taking up a position in Salzburg in 1743. He was ennobled in 1752 and appointed Hofratsdirektor to Archbishop Siegmund Schrattenbach in 1764; among other responsibilities, he oversaw the construction of the Neutor in 1764 and 1765. Mölk had married Maria Anna Wasner von Wasenau (c1718-Salzburg, 9 February 1799) in 1745. Their oldest son, Franz Albert Kajetan (Regensburg, 28 September 1747-Dinkelsbühl, 15 December 1800), was a court councilor from 1769 but was banished from Salzburg in 1781 in the wake of a financial scandal; he attended a rehearsal of Mozart's La finta giardiniera K196 in Munich in 1775. The second son, Albert Andreas Eligius (Regensburg, 30 November 1748-Salzburg, 6 January 1799), studied for the priesthood at the Collegium Germanicum in Rome, where the Mozarts visited him in 1770 and where, at Albert's request, Mozart gave a concert; he returned to Salzburg in 1771 and thereafter held important posts in the Konsistorium and at court, often promoting Enlightenment ideas. Anton Fortunat Joseph (Regensburg, 1 June 1750-Frankfurt, 3 August 1803), the third son, studied at the Benedictine University in Salzburg and in 1774 took a post at the Reichshofkanzlei in Vienna; he was Nannerl Mozart's first serious admirer. Other Mölk children included Maria Barbara (Salzburg, 2 November 1752-Salzburg, 3 October 1823), a close friend of Nannerl and referred to in the Mozart letters as 'Waberl'; Joseph (Salzburg, 17 November 1756-Traunstein, 2 July 1827), who studied for the priesthood and from 1781 held several postings in the Salzburg Archdiocese; and Sigismund (Salzburg, 21 February 1758-24 September 1840), who from 1776 pursued a military career with the imperial army. Lit.: Angermüller and Ammerer, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 298-299.
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