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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg

Milan, 17 Feb. 1770

Your letter of 9 Feb. footnote1 has arrived safely. I hope that you and Nannerl have stopped coughing. We are both well, praise be to God. I`m more than happy to believe that the winter is not such a risk in Italy as the summer, but I hope that God will spare us; unless one ruins one`s health by disorderly living and by excessive eating and drinking and has no other innate failings, there is nothing to worry about. We are everywhere in God`s hands. Food and drink won`t prove to be Wolfg.`s undoing. You know how he always acts with moderation, and I can assure you that I`ve never seen him take such good care of his health as he has been doing in this country. He leaves whatever he thinks is not good for him and on many days eats very little, but he is fat and well and cheerful and jovial all day long. I am writing this in the rooms of Count Firmian`s steward, Don Ferdinando, who is a particularly good friend of ours. The tailor has just called with our cloaks and cowls, footnote2 which we`ve had to have specially made for us. As we were trying them on, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that things have come to a pretty pass when I have to engage in this sort of foolishness in my declining years. But it suits Wolfg. incomparably well, and to the extent that we had no choice but to agree to this foolish expenditure, my only consolation is that we can use these things on all manner of other occasions and at the very least can employ them for linings, aprons etc. Tomorrow His Highness the Duke and the Princess of Modena |: the future wife of Archduke Ferdinand :| are visiting Count Firmian in order to hear Wolfg.; in the evening we`re driving to the opera gala en masque, after the opera there`s the ball, and then we`ll drive home again with the steward and his wife. This coming Friday there will be a concert for the general public: footnote3 we`ll see what comes of it. In short, I can say very little about our present circumstances until we`ve either left here or are ready to depart. Nothing much will come of Italy: our only pleasure consists in the fact that there is more enthusiasm and insight here and that the Italians appreciate what Wolfg. knows. Otherwise we must of course generally accept their admiration and shouts of bravo in lieu of payment, although I have to say that we have everywhere been received with every conceivable courtesy and that at every opportunity we`ve been invited to meet the leading members of the nobility. I must now reply to your questions: Herr Martin Knoller is here in Milan. footnote4 If Herr Deibl wants to write, he need only add at the bottom: in Casa di S: Ex: di C: di Firmian. I`ve received Herr Privy Councillor Mölk`s letter, footnote5 but I must ask all who have written to me to forgive me. It`s impossible for me to write, as you know what it`s like when you`re travelling, especially since I`m master, servant and everything else besides. The 2 telescopes were long ago - long ago handed over safely. footnote6 But who translated this Mantuan newspaper? - - Wolfg. kisses the hands of Her Excellency Countess Arco most humbly and thanks her for the kiss she sent, which is far pleasanter to him than many a young girl`s kiss. Every good wish to the whole of Salzb. - - I am your old
We kiss you and Nannerl.


Here I am as well, now you have me: my dear Mariandel, I`m arse over tit that you had such frightful fun: tell nurse Ursula with the cold arse that I still think I sent all the songs footnote7 back to her, but if, preoccupied, as I am, with my important and lofty thoughts, I brought them with me to Italy, I shall not fail - should I find them - to stuff it into a letter: addio, children, farewell, I kiss Mama`s hands a thousand times, and to you I send a hundred kisses or smackers for your wonderful horseface, per far il fine, footnote8 I am your etc.


We didn`t bring any cadenzas with us. They`ll still be with the concerto! You`ll find the concertos in full score in my cupboard, at the top, where the symphonies are kept, they`re beneath the copies of Canabich`s symphonies. footnote9 Are you still also occasionally singing?
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