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Rome 7 July 1770
What I told you recently about the cross of an order is correct. footnote1 I`ve just written to His Grace and enclosed the papal breve. footnote2 I barely had to time to copy it out for His Grace, which I did very quickly and not very well, otherwise I`d have copied it twice and sent you a copy as well. It`s the same order as the one that Gluck has footnote3 and is worded te creamus auratae Militiae Equitem footnote4 etc etc. He has to wear a beautiful gold cross, footnote5 which he has already received, and you can imagine how much it makes me laugh to hear people calling him Signore Cavaliere all the time. You know that in the wordbooks printed for the court in Vienna it always says dal Sigr. Cavaliere Gluck. It`s a sign that this order is recognized even by the imperial court. We`ll also be receiving a copy of Benedict XIV`s bull which was promulgated on account of this order. footnote6 We`re having an audience with the pope tomorrow, and on Monday night we`re travelling to Loreto in the company of two other sedias, and from there to Bologna. By the time you receive this letter I hope I shan`t be too far from Bologna: you should reply to me, therefore, in Bologna, and I`ll collect your letter from the post office. My luggage has grown in size, I don`t know what to do about it, I`ve bought some more engravings for 5 ducats. footnote7 Farewell, both of you, I kiss you 1000 times and am your


Cara sorella mia,
I was amazed to discover how well you can compose, in a word, the song footnote8 is beautiful, you should try this more often. You`ll have received the minuets by Hayden, send me the other 6 soon, footnote9 I beg you: farewell:
Wolfgang Mozart.
PS: Best wishes to all our good friends, male and female.
I kiss Mama`s hand:
Mademoiselle, J`ai l`honeur d`etre votre tres humble serviteur, e frere footnote10
chevalier de Mozart.
Roma il sette di luglio anno 1770. addio statevi bene, e cacate nel letto che egli fà fracasso footnote11
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