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Innsbruck, Austria
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City in Austria located at the junction of the Inn and Wipptal rivers, with access to the Brenner Pass, now the capital of the Tyrol. Originally ruled by the Tyrolean royal house, Innsbruck passed to the Austrian emperor in 1665. Church music was largely centered at the gothic St Jakob, which was rebuilt in Baroque style between 1717 and 1724; a new organ by Kaspar Humpel was built between 1724 and 1726. In the absence of a ruling family, instrumental music was less widely cultivated in Innsbruck than elsewhere, especially after the departure in 1717 of governor Duke Karl Philipp of the Palatinate for Heidelberg and Mannheim; remnants of the Imperial court music active at Innsbruck were disbanded in 1748 and the court opera was from 1765 leased to outside contractors whose repertory consisted largely, though not exclusively, of spoken plays. The first public concerts took place at the request of Empress Maria Theresia, in the Redoutengebäude, during the 1770s. All told, the Mozarts visited Innsbruck six times on their travels to and from Italy: from 15-19 December 1769; on 25-26 March, 14-15 August and 14 December 1771; on 25-27 October 1772, and about 12 March 1773. Mozart gave a concert there at the home of Count Leopold Franz Künigl on 17 December 1769. Lit.: Senn, Musik und Theater am Hof zu Innsbruck; Simek, Das Berufstheater in Innsbruck im 18. Jahrhundert; Senn and Goertz, `Innsbruck`, Oxford Music Online
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