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Salisburgo, Austria
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Dedicated in 774 by Saint Virgil, the present-day Salzburg Cathedral is an early Baroque, Italian-influenced structure constructed following the destruction of the earlier cathedral in a fire in 1598. It was built between 1614 and 1628 by Santino Solari (1576-1646) under the direction of Archbishops Markus Sittickus (reigned 1612-1619) and Paris Lodron (reigned 1619-1653). An engraving by Melchior Küssell (1626-1683) from c1675 shows the layout of the Cathedral, and the disposition of the musicians performing there, more or less corresponding to a description by Leopold Mozart from 1757: 'In the rear over the entrance to the church the archiepiscopal cathedral has the great organ, in the front near the choir four side-organs, and below in the choir near the hymn-singers is a small choir-organ. In large-scale concerted music the great organ is used only to improvise preludes; during the concerted music itself, however, one of the four side-organs is constantly played, namely, the one next to the altar on the right-hand side, where the solo singers and the bass instruments are. Opposite by the left side-organ are the violinists, etc., and by both the other side-organs are the two choirs of trumpets and drums.' It is difficult to judge the size of the choir and orchestra that may have performed Mozart's works in the Cathedral; this would have varied depending on the occasion although in some instances the orchestra, excluding singers, may have been as large as 25-30. A report from 1803 (Friedrich von Spaur, Nachrichten über das Erzstift Salzburg nach der Säkularisation (Passau, 1805, i.164) describes a choir of 40 singers. Lit.: Leopold Mozart, ‘Nachricht von dem gegenwärtigen Zustande der Musik Sr. Hochfürstl. Gnaden des Erzbischoffs zu Salzburg'; Eisen, ‘Mozart’s Salzburg Orchestras’; Ammerer and Angermüller, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 87-90.
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