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Wenzel Hebelt
Lettere in cui viene citata questa persona
221 (1 dicembre 1770) | visualizza
Violinist. Hebelt became a member of the Salzburg court music in 1756. Leopold Mozart's first impression of him was not entirely favourable; in 1757 he wrote that: '[He] playes the most difficult passages perfectly in tune. For that reason he also only likes hard pieces, even those that are somewhat too hard or too fast for him. But his tone is quite weak and soft.' Nevertheless, Hebelt was friendly with the Mozart family, even to the extent of asking Leopold Mozart for advice with composition. A few compositions by him survive, notably four symphonies in the libraries of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna, and the Diözesan-Archiv, Graz. Lit.: Eisen, 'The Salzburg symphonies: a biographical interpretation', 182; Ammerer and Angermüller, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 175.
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