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Marianne Davies
Nato/a: 1743-4   Morto/a: 1816-19
Lettere in cui viene citata questa persona
246 (21 settembre 1771) | visualizza
Glass harmonica virtuosa and sister of Cecilia Davies. Mary Ann traveled with her sister, father and mother to Vienna in the late 1760s, where she frequently performed with her sister. The family - including her sister Mary Ann - returned to England in the 1770s, and undertook a further tour of the Continent between 1779 and 1780, after which her career appears to have faltered. Mozart and his father met with the Davies sisters in Milan in September 1771 although it seems clear from Leopold's letter describing their meeting, that they had previously met, probably in Vienna in 1768. Lit.: Matthews, 'The Davies Sisters, J. C. Bach and the Glass Harmonica'; Oxford Music Online.
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