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Johann Baptist Joseph Joachim Ferdinand von Schiedenhofen auf Stumm und Triebenbach
Nato/a: Triebenbach (Germania) 20/03/1747   Morto/a: Triebenbach (Germania) 31/01/1823
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Court administrator and Mozart family friend belonging to the minor nobility, whose family owned estates at Stumm and Triebenbach. Until his marriage in 1778 to Maria Anna Daubrawa von Daubrawaick he lived with his mother and sister Aloisia (Louise). Ten books of Schiedenhofen`s diary have survived, covering the period 10 October 1774 to 18 April 1778; they give a fair idea of leisure and culture in Salzburg at the time including dancing, serenading, other forms of music making, walking, hunting, shooting, card parties, charade games, carriage outings, and billiard and skittle games. The Mozarts were regularly invited to house parties at Triebenbach, and Schiedenhofen appears to have been particularly close to Nannerl Mozart. A number of performances of Mozart`s compositions are chronicled by the diary, as is the plight of the Mozart family when Wolfgang applied to resign in 1777 and Leopold initially feared he had also been released from court service. Lit.: Deutsch, `Aus Schiedenhofens Tagebuch`; Angermüller, Joachim Ferdinand von Schidenhofen. Ein Freund der Mozarts
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