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Eusebius Johann Alphen
Nato/a: Vienna (Austria) 1741   Morto/a: Vienna (Austria) 1772
Lettere in cui viene citata questa persona
257 (23 novembre 1771) | visualizza
Miniaturist. The Mozarts were well-acquainted with Alphen, having met him at various times in their travels, in Brussels, Vienna, Paris and Milan (see letter 257). He is thought to be the painter of a miniature of Mozart and his sister now in the Mozart Museum, Salzburg (http://text.habsburger.net/module/wolferl-und-nannerl-bei-hof/wolferl-und-nannerl-bei-hof/221aMB-ST_K1-MOD1-06.png/?size=preview&plus=1), and is probably the artist of a double miniature privately owned in Switzerland. Lit.: Eisen, `Mozart in Italy` (http://www.aproposmozart.com/eisen_mozart_in_italy_2_.pdf)
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