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Bolzano, Italia
Lettere inviate da/a questo luogo | Persone nate/morte in questo luogo | Mappa
150 (22 dicembre 1769, origin) | visualizza
240 (16 agosto 1771, origin) | visualizza
264 (28 ottobre 1772, origin) | visualizza
City in northern Italy, in the foothills of the Dolomites. Largely settled by Germans from the seventh century on, and an important market town, Bolzano was an important stop on the route from Salzburg to northern Italy, Milan and Venice in particular. Little is known concerning the cultivation of music there during the eighteenth century; most of the surviving evidence concerns licences for operas staged during the Bolzano fairs by companies. Mozart and his father visited Bolzano from 21-23 December 1769, on 16 August 1771, and from 28-29 October 1772. Lit.: A. Dörrer: `Komödianten auf den Bozner Märkten vom 1684 bis 1764`, Der Schlern, x (1929), 223–32
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