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Maison du Maître de danse (Tanzmeisterhaus)
Salzbourg, Autriche
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283 (6 février 1773) | voir
The so-called 'Tanzmeisterhaus' or Wohnhaus in the Hannibalplatz (now Makartplatz 8-9), where the Mozarts lived from 1773, is documented from the early 17th century, when it was acquired by the Salzburg citizen Ruep Wülpenhover. It was sold in 1684 to Freifrau Maria Katharina Khuen von Belasy and in 1711 to Anna Eva Spöckner, wife of the dancing master Lorenz Spöckner. The so-called 'Tanzmeistersaal' may date only from 1730, when Spöckner's son, Franz Gottlieb, was given permission to hold masquerade balls in his home; it was renovated and enlarged to its present-day dimensions in 1750. The house was bequeathed in 1767 to Spöckner's cousin Maria Anna Raab (referred to in the Mozart letters as 'Tanzmeister-Mitzerl') who rented lodgings to students and made the Tanzmeistersaal available for weddings and other festivities. In the fall of 1773 she rented an eight-room apartment to the Mozarts, including the Tanzmeistersaal. Lit.: Ammerer and Angermüller, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 397-399.
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