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Christian Cannabich
Né(e): Mannheim (Allemagne) 1731   Mort(e): Mannheim (Allemagne) 20/01/1798
Lettres dans lesquelles cette personne est citée
161 (17 février 1770) | voir
Composer and violinist. Cannabich studied violin with Johann Stamitz at Mannheim and became a member of the orchestra there in 1744. He studied with Jommelli in Rome from 1750 to 1753, and was appointed first violin at Mannheim in 1757; in 1774 he became director of the Mannheim court orchestra, moving to Munich with the court in 1778. The Mozarts first met Cannabich in Paris in 1763-1764, when the latter was there with his then-patron, Duke Christian IV of Zweibrücken. They met again on Mozart's Mannheim-Paris journey of 1777-1778, at which time he gave music lessons to Cannabich's daughter, Rosa, composing the keyboard sonata K309 for her. Cannabich's output consists chiefly of ballets and orchestral and chamber music; according to a letter of 17 February 1770 (letter 161), the Mozarts owned some of his symphonies. Lit.: Münster, ‘Mozart bearbeitet Cannabich’; Beck, ‘Geschichte und Genealogie der Hofmusikerfamilie Cannabich, 1707–1806’; Wolf, The Symphony at Mannheim: Johann Stamitz, Christian Cannabich; Henze-Dohring, ‘Orchester und Orchestersatz in Christian Cannabichs Mannheimer Sinfonien’; Oxford Music Online.
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