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Georg Siegmund Robinig von Rottenfeld
Né(e): 20/04/1760   Mort(e): 04/10/1823
Lettres dans lesquelles cette personne est citée
202 (4 août 1770) | voir
213 (6 octobre 1770) | voir
Salzburg friends of the Mozarts and members of the minor nobility. Georg Joseph Robinig von Rottenfeld (Salzburg, 14/11 /1710-Salzburg 15/1/1760) owned an iron business based on the Getreidegasse as well as a Sensensfabrik in Thalgau and a Huttrauchwerk in Rotgülden bei Murwinkel, south of Radstadt. He and his wife, Maria Viktoria Aniser (Salzburg, 16/8/1716-Salzburg, 24/4/1783), had three daughters and a son: Maria Joseph (Salzburg, 24/10/1743-Salzburg, 29/11/1767) who died prematurely at the age of 24; Maria Elisabeth (Salzburg, 1 January 1749-16 October 1792), referred to as 'Liβ' or 'Lisl' in the Mozart letters and for whom Wolfgang had little sympathy (see his letter of 10-11 January 1781 in which he describes her as a 'miserable specimen of humanity' with 'a stupid Salzburg tongue'); Maria Aloisia Viktoria (Salzburg, 19 October 1757-Salzburg, 24 March 1786), who took keyboard lessons with Leopold Mozart and is referred to in the family letters as 'Louise'; and Georg Siegmund (Salzburg, 20/4/1760-Salzburg, 4/10/1823) ('Robinig Sigerl'), an amateur violinist. Mozart is supposed to have composed the Divertimento K334, together with its associated March K445, for Georg Siegmund's university graduation in 1780; and although its identity is not definitely established, Mozart also wrote a piece called the 'Musique vom Robinig' (a designation indicating a masculine member of the family), mentioned in letters of 4 July 1781, and 8 and 29 May 1782. The Robinigs owned a summer residence, the 'Robinighof' in Schallmoos, just outside Salzburg. Lit.: Richard M. Allesch, 'Die Robinig und ihre Nachfolger als Hüttrauchgewerken in Rothgülden'; Clive, Mozart and his Circle, 127; Angermüller and Ammerer, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 395-397.
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