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Domenico Fischietti
Lettres dans lesquelles cette personne est citée
269 (5 décembre 1772) | voir
Composer. Fischietti, who studied at the Conservatorio Sant'Onofrio in Naples, had his greatest successes during the 1750s when he worked in Venice with the librettist Goldoni on the comic operas Il mercato di Malmantile and Il signor dottore. From about 1762 he was active in Praague as part of the Molinari opera company and in 1765 he became court Kapellmeister in Dresden. Apparently he was ineffective in the post and was dismissed in 1772, only to be hired in Salzburg, where he was similarly unsatisfactory and superseded first by Giacomo Rust and later by Luigi Gatti. He taught the choirboys at the Chapel House from 1779 and 1783 but his whereabouts thereafter are uncertain. His one moment of relative success in Salzburg came in 1775 when he composed a serenade to celebrate the visit there of Archduke Maximilian; it was for the same occasion that Mozart composed Il re pastore K208. Lit.: Hintermaier,‘Domenico Fischietti und Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’; Schwindt-Gross, ‘Zwei bisher unbekannte salzburger “L’Isola disabitata”-Vertonungen’; Ammerer and Angermüller, Salzburger Mozart Lexikon, 127-128.
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