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Giuseppe Aprile
Né(e): Martina Franca (Taranto) (Italie) 28/10/1732   Mort(e): Martina Franca (Taranto) (Italie) 11/01/1813
Lettres dans lesquelles cette personne est citée
171 (27 mars 1770) | voir
189 (5 juin 1770) | voir
Known as the Scirolino or the Sciroletto, after his teacher Gregorio Sciroli, Aprile debuted in Jomelli`s Ifigenia in Aulide at the Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, on 18 December 1753. His successful career took him throughout Europe; roles were written expressly for him by Traetta, Anfossi, Sacchini and Jommelli; he was particularly well-known for his prolonged trills and in a letter of 26 January 1770 (letter 158) Mozart described his voice as `beautiful and regular`. Aprile also taught; his students included Cimarosa, Michael Kelly and Catherine, Lady Hamilton. Lit.: Mamy, Tradizione del canto a Napoli; Adrin, Rolle und Bedeutung der Kastraten in Leben und Werk Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts; Basso, I Mozart in Italia, 483
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