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Siegmund Christoph von Schrattenbach
Né(e): Gratz (Autriche) 28/02/1698   Mort(e): Gratz (Autriche) 16/12/1771

Principe Arcivescovo di Salisburgo (05/04/1753 — 16/12/1771)
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In 1731 Schrattenbach became a canon of Salzburg Cathedral, in 1750 dean, and on 5 April 1753 archbishop. Schrattenbach is often called Salzburg`s `pious` archbishop; he is reported to have attended up to five church services daily, and he kept all the traditional church feast days. He was no intellectual and was said to be bigoted; although there was a small nucleus of would be reformers during his reign, the Enlightenment did not systematically penetrate institutions in Salzburg until after his death. He did, however, encourage native talent. He paid substantial sums for local female singers (including Maria Anna Braunhofer and Maria Magdalena Lipp) to be educated at the Pietá in Venice, and many of his musicians generous paid travel leave. Leopold was granted this for the Mozarts` first visit to Vienna (1762 1763), for their European tour (1763 1766), and for part of their second visit to Vienna (1767 9) as well as the first trip to Italy (1769-1771). Mozart`s La finta semplice was given on Schrattenbach`s name day in 1769 and Il sogno di Scipione was originally intended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ordination; Schrattenbach died shortly before this anniversary, however, and the serenata was reworked to celebrate the installation of Schrattenbach`s successor, Hieronymus Colloredo. Lit.: Dopsch and Spatzenegger, Geschichte Salzburgs: Stadt und Land II:1; Eisen, `Salzburg under Church Rule`; Martin, Salzburgs Fürsten in der Barokzeit
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