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Anton Cajetan Adlgasser
Né(e): Inzell (Allemagne) 01/10/1729   Mort(e): Inzell (Allemagne) 21-2/12/1777

1. Court and Cathedral organist (1750)
2. Dreifaltigskeitskirche organist (1760)
Lettres dans lesquelles cette personne est citée
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220 (24 novembre 1770) | voir
233 (1 mars 1771) | voir
241 (18 août 1771) | voir
269 (5 décembre 1772) | voir
Organist and composer. A., who from 1744 studied at the Salzburg Cathedral chapel house, was appointed court and cathedral organist in 1750; from 1760 he also served as organist at the Dreifaltigskeitskirche. Chiefly a composer of sacred music. A. collaborated with Michael Haydn and Mozart on the oratorio Die Schuldigkeit des erstens Gebots (1767). A friend of the Mozart family - Leopold was a witness at all three of his wedddings - A. died after suffering a stroke while performing at the cathedral. Leopold described the event in a lettere of 22 December 1777. Mozart succeeded Adlgasser as court and cathedral organist in 1779. Lit.: De Catanzaro and Rainer, Anton Cajetan Adlgasser (1728-1777). A Thematic Catalogue of his Works; Schmid, Mozart und die Salzburger Tradition; Schuler, 136-8
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