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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TEI.2><teiHeader><fileDesc> <titleStmt><title>In Mozart's Words (The letters from Italy): Letter 175</title> <respStmt> <resp>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</resp> <resp>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</resp> <resp>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</resp> <resp>Full credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</resp> </respStmt> </titleStmt> <publicationStmt> <publisher>Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</publisher> <pubPlace>Sheffield, United Kingdom</pubPlace> <date>2011</date> <availability><p>This transcription can be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes on condition that it is accompanied by this header information identifying its origin and authors. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or for commercial uses. Please go to https://www.dhi.ac.uk for more information.</p></availability> </publicationStmt> </fileDesc> <encodingDesc> <projectDesc> <p>Funder: EU Culture Programme (2007-2013)</p> <p>Project Team: Maria Majno (Europaische Mozart Way Ee.V); Cliff Eisen (King's College London - Dept of Music); Patrizia Rebulla (Comune di Milano - Settore Cultura) Stadt Augsburg - Kulturburo; HRI Digital, Humanities Research Institute (Univ. of Sheffield)</p> <p>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</p> <p>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</p> <p>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</p> <p>Full project credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</p> </projectDesc> </encodingDesc> <profileDesc> <langUsage id="fra"> <language>fra</language> </langUsage> </profileDesc></teiHeader><text><body><div type="letter"><div type="header"><hi rend="bold">175. <name type="person" id="541" ref="3622">THOMAS LINLEY </name>A <name type="person" id="543" ref="4038">MOZART</name>, <name type="place" id="544" ref="95">FIRENZE</name></hi></div><div type="date-and-place"> [<name type="place" id="546" ref="95">Firenze</name>, 6 aprile 1770]</div> <hi rend="italic">Per la partenza del Sgr. Amadeo Wolfgango Mozart da <name type="place" id="547" ref="95">Firenze</name>.</hi><lb/> <lb/> <hi rend="italic">Da poi che il Fato t`ha da me diviso,</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Io non fò che seguirti col pensiero</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Ed in pianto cangiai la gioia e il riso;</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Ma in mezzo al pianto rivederti io spero.</hi><lb/><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Quella dolce armonia di Paradiso</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">che a un estasi d`amor mi apri il sentiero</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Mi risuona nel cuor, e d`improviso</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Mi porta in cielo a contemplare il vero.</hi><lb/><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Oh lieto giorno! o fortunato istante</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">in cui ti vidi e attonito ascoltai,</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">E della tue virtù divenni amante.</hi><lb/> <lb/> <hi rend="italic">Voglian gli Dei che dal tuo cuor giammai</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Non mi departa: Io ti amerò costante.</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Emul di tua virtude ognor mi avrai.</hi><lb/> <lb/> <hi rend="italic">In segno di sincera stima</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">ed affetto</hi><lb/> <hi rend="italic">Tommaso Linley</hi> <ref type="footnote" id="fn0" n="1"></ref></div><div type="footnotes"><div type="footnotetext" id="fn0"> Sonnet composed in honour of Mozart by <name type="person" id="000542" ref="004117">Maria Maddalena Morelli-Fernandez</name>, known as <name type="person" id="000545" ref="004117">Corilla Olimpica</name>. According to Nannerl Mozart`s 1792 reminiscences, `[Thomas] Linley came to them on the day of their departure, amid many embraces and tears gave young Mozart a poem which he had had written by Sigra Corilla, and accompanied their coach as far as the town gate.`</div></div></body></text></TEI.2>
Comme le dit Mozart. Version 1.0, publiée par HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.