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14 Canonic studies K6 73x
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


1. Manuscript: Privately owned (autographs)

2. Manuscript: Privately owned (autographs)

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213 (6 October 1770) | view
Date: early 1770s

Place: Italy? Salzburg?

First performance: unknown

Place of first performance: unknown

Notes: Based on Padre Martini’s Storia della Musica. The canonic studies include: ”Cantemus Domino“ (Storia della Musica I, 28); ”Cantate Domino“ (Storia della Musica I, 53); ”Hymnum canunt demulcentque“ (Storia della Musica II, 57); untexted double canon; “Laudabo nomen Dei“ (Storia della Music I, 83); untexted canonic studies; 12-voice canon à3; an untexted theme; “Regna terrae (Storia della Musica I, 75); „Jovi patri canendo“ (Storia della Musica II, 7); 16-voioce canon à4 (Storia della Musica I, 41); “Introite portas eius“ à 12 (Storia della Musica I, 54);”Justitia et Pax [se] osculatae sunt“ crab canon à 2 (Storia della Musica II, 7); “A Musis Heliconiadibus“ (Storia della Musica II, 1); “Incipe Menalios“ (Storia della Musica II, 1); “Cantate Domino, psalmum dicite“ (Storia della Musica I, 53)

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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.