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Joseph Starzer
Born: Vienna (Austria) ante 5/01/1728   Died: Vienna (Austria) 22/04/1787
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A prolific composer of ballet scores, Starzer lived and worked in Vienna, aside from eight years at the Russian court (1759-1767), collaborating with leading choreographers such as Franz Hilverding, Jean-Georges Noverre and Angiolini. In 1772 he became leader of the charitable organization for musicians in Vienna, the Tonkünstler-Societät, that he helped to set up a year earlier. He participated frequently in the society`s activities as violinist, composer and conductor and, acting on Baron van Swieten`s suggestion in 1779, arranged Handel`s Judas Maccabeus for the society`s concerts.
Like Mozart, Starzer participated in Baron van Swieten`s regular Sunday concerts, often singing tenor. Their paths crossed elsewhere too. In March 1781 Starzer invited Mozart to play in a Tonkünstler-Societät concert and had to persuade Archbishop Colloredo (who still employed Mozart) to allow him to do so. Starzer`s death in 1787 paved the way for Mozart`s court appointment as composer in the Kammer Musik (6 December 1787). B. A. Brown, Gluck and the French Theatre in Vienna (Oxford, 1991)br>
from The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia ed. by Cliff Eisen and Simon P.Keefe Cambridge University Press, 2006 (courtesy of Cambridge Un. Press)
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