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Johann Jakob II Lotter
Born: Augsburg (Germany) 1726   Died: Augsburg (Germany) 1804

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Lotter, who may have known Leopold Mozart during their early years in Augsburg, inherited the music publisher firm founded by his father, Johann Jakob Lotter (Augsburg c1683-Augsburg 1738). Primarily known in the early eighteenth century for the publication of works by south German Catholic composers, Johann Jakob II expanded the firm`s list to include composers from north Germany, Italy and France as well as pedagogical music literature; Lotter`s most important customers included court orchestras, monasteries and schools. In 1756 Johann Jakob II published Leopold Mozart`s Versuch einer gründliche Violinschule. For his part, Leopold was Lotter`s agent in Salzburg, offering for sale the publisher`s many works at the Salzburg book fairs. Their correspondence shows that they were friends as well: Johann Jakob II was among the first to be informed of Wolfgang`s birth on 27 January 1756. The firm, later managed by Esaias Daniel Lotter (Augsburg 1759-Augsburg 1820), survived well into the nineteenth century. Adapted with permission from The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia. Lit.: Layer, `Johann Jakob Lotter der Jüngere, Leopold Mozarts Augsburger Verleger`; Rheinfurth, Der Musikverlag Lotter in Augsburg (ca. 1719–1845)
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