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Barisani (Family)
Letters in which this person is cited
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Barisani Family. Physicians, active in Salzburg and friends of the Mozarts. Silvester Barisani (Castelfranco, 10/4/1719 - Salzburg, 25/01/1810) was personal physician to Archbishop Siegmund Schrattenbach from 1766. His children included: Anna Maria Johanna (Salzburg 15/09/1750-?); Ernst Franz Anton Johann Maximilian (Salzburg 12/10/1751-Salzburg 11/02/1790); Maria Josepha Maximiliana Theresia (Salzburg 30/11/1752-Munich after 1823); Maria Anna Constantia (Salzburg 11/03/1754-Salzburg 28/07/1812); Maria Antonia Paulina Walburga (Salzburg 22/06/1755-Salzburg December 1778); Joseph Johann Baptist Virgil (Salzburg 25/11/1756-Salzburg 03/02/1826), who was Leopold Mozart`s doctor in the mid-1780s; Siegmund Silvester Raimund (Salzburg 1 January 1758-Vienna, 3 September 1787), who as active at the General Hospital in Vienna from 1786 and a close friend of Wolfgang in Salzburg; Maria Theresia Aloisia Franziska (Salzburg 03/1-/1761-? 27/-12/1854); Virgil Ernst Johann Baptist (Salzburg 24/12/1762-?); and Maria Aloisia (Louise) Maximiliana (Salzburg 24/10/1764-? 22/05/1831). Lit.: Breitinger, Die Familien Barisani und Mozart; Schuler, 235-46
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