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[Milan, 3 March 1770]
Cara sorella mia,
I`m delighted to hear that you`re enjoying yourself, but perhaps you`ve been thinking that I`ve not been enjoying myself too, but you`d be wrong, I can`t remember how often, but we must have been to the opera 6 or 7 times and then to the festa di ballo which, as in Vienna, begins after the opera, except that in Vienna the dancing is better organized. We also saw the facchinata and the chiccherata. The facchinata is a mascherata that`s wonderful to watch as people dress up as facchini or household servants, and there was a barque with lots of people in it, and there were also lots of people on foot, 4 or 6 choirs of trumpets and timpani, and several choirs of violins and other instruments. The chiccherata, which we saw today, is also a masquerata. Chicchera is the word that the people of Milan use for what we call petits-maîtres or just wind-bags. They were all on horseback, but it was really pretty. I`m delighted to hear that Herr von Aman is on the mend as I was saddened to hear about his accident. What sort of a mask did Madame Rosa have? And what about Herr von Mölk, footnote1 and the prince footnote2 and Herr von Schidenhofen? Please write and tell me if you know, you`d be doing me a great favour. Today we`ve been invited to celebrate our last day with Count Firmian`s steward, when we`ll have plenty to gossip about: addio, farewell, I`ll write you a letter from Milan next post-day, I am etc.
Wolfgang Mozart.
3 March 1770
P. S. Kiss Mama`s hand 1000000000000 times for me, a thousand good wishes to all our good friends and also to yourself from Catchmeifyoucan and from Don Cacarella, footnote3 especially from the rear, and
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.