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Milan, 13 Sept. 1771
With God`s help, Wolfg. will have finished the serenata - which is really more of an azione teatrale in two parts - within the next twelve days. The recitatives with and without instruments are all finished, as are the choruses, of which there are eight, five of which are also danced. We saw the dances being rehearsed today and greatly admired the hard work of the two ballet masters, Pick and Fabier. The first scene is Venus emerging from the clouds accompanied by genii and Graces. The symphony`s Andante is danced by eleven women, namely, eight genii and the Graces, or eight Graces and three goddesses. The symphony`s final Allegro is a chorus for 32 singers, namely, eight sopranos, eight contraltos, eight tenors and eight basses, and is also danced by 16 persons, eight women and eight men. Another chorus is for shepherds and shepherdesses, who are different people. Then there are choruses for the shepherds alone, in other words, tenors and basses; and other choruses for shepherdesses, in other words, sopranos and contraltos. They all appear in the final scene: genii, Graces, shepherds, shepherdesses, choristers and dancers of both sexes, all of whom dance the final chorus. This doesn`t include the solo dancers, namely, Mr Pick, Mad Binetti, Mr Fabier and Mamsell Blache. The brief solos that are part of the choruses and that are sung now by two sopranos, now by alto and soprano etc. also include solos for the male and female dancers. The characters in the cantata are: la Venere, Signa Falchini, seconda donna. Ascanio, Sign Manzoli, primo uomo. Silvia, Signa Girelli, prima donna. Aceste, Sacerdote, Sign Tibaldi, tenore. Fauno Pastore, Sign Solzi, secondo uomo.
NB. As for Venice in 1773, I already have everything in hand. footnote1


D. S. footnote2 I`m writing only for the sake of … writing, though it`s really rather inconvenient as I have a bad cold and a cough. Tell Fräulein W von Mölk that I`m really looking forward to being back in Salzburg, if only to receive another present for the minuets like the one I received at her concert: she knows what I mean.
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